Intimate Discoveries a la Frida Kahlo By Unicia R. Buster

A Series of Self-Portrait Paintings • January 2020-Present

"Goddess of Love"

By Unicia R. Buster

Acrylic painting on stretched canvas

30"w x 40"h

The story of this painting is a simple one. A gentlemen who had taken an interest in me, on one particular occasion, called me the Goddess of Love. I laughed at him thinking he was trying to play me for a fool but he claimed to be serious. After parting ways, I gave it some thought and looked up various goddesses. Being a Christian, I was not aware of most of them. The stories were fascinating and I began to feel that I indeed embodied their personas. I did this self-portrait as a combination of a few of them, but mostly Hetheru (Egyptian), and Aphrodite (Greek).

Read a little about both of them as well as Qadshu (Syrian), Inanna-Ishtar (Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, and Assyrian), Branwen (Welsh), and Venus (Roman) on my blog.


By Unicia R. Buster

Acrylic painting on stretched canvas

36"w x 46"h

I feel deeply for our earth but at the same time hopeless for her. Our human presence has only grown and plagued her with countless atrocities. This self portrait is a reflection of myself as equal to nature instead of above it. I respect her and all her wonders and I know her powers. I imagine a space where we are made much smaller and our impact on earth is far less extensive if impactful at all. As a human, I stand apart surrounded by my plastic and cut trees. Using vast amounts of energy in exchange for comforts and amenities. The octopus in his aquarium stares at me. Where will I stand when the earth ceases to be?

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