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Floating by Unicia R. Buster


By Unicia R. Buster

Acrylic painting on stretched canvas

36"w x 36"h

This painting is inspired by a poem I wrote in May of 2020 of the same name. It is about the push and pull of struggle that, if we live long enough, we all experience. Written during a time in our nation when issues of racism and its resulting deaths were at the forefront of media, I thought of all the times I faced racism in my life and how I struggled with constant feelings of inadequacies for making a difference. For me personally, my struggles also are very physical in dealing with not only an aging body but a body that has ailments of which I have no control. It's easy to get lost in despair and depression when faced with the fragility of mortality - a theme I ponder often. But it's how we overcome these emotions and rise to the surface and light that keeps us moving forward with life.

"Floating" by Unicia R. Buster

Sometimes I'm sinking

And going under

To that abysmal place,

Where light is far yonder.

Lost and lonely I see

Comfortless wonder.

It slips a purgatory kiss so

Expiation lasts longer.

Forgiveness is my struggle

Of myself, no other.

I'm left floating in this

Nothingness, yet I ponder.

My mind contemplates on

A life thrown asunder.

The good and the bad

Searches for peace hereafter.

My soul wrestles my face

Somewhat like thunder.

It strikes sporadically

At my self and my hunger

For inclusion and exclusion,

The difference made clearer.

It diminishes me to a speck;

This cosmic force that is greater.

The weight is lifting me

Up from the blue, closer

To an illuminated surface

Where my heart races faster.

I give the deep a goodbye

Let it scream from the gutter.

It holds me no more

I greet the day to ever.

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Dorothy Rice
Dorothy Rice
Mar 05, 2021

The painting and poem are uplifting works of art. an admirer, Dorothy Marie Rice

Unicia Buster
Unicia Buster
Mar 05, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much.

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