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The Unique, Natural, Idealistic, Celebrated, Illustrious Art

of African-American Hair"

by Unicia R. Buster

(May 4, 2018)

This collection of artwork by Unicia R. Buster spans 20 years, from 1997 - 2017. In this collection, Ms. Buster focuses on the subject of African-American hair in its natural state. She creates beautiful works of art from various media including ink, textile, pencil, acrylic and photography to dispel the myth that African-American hair is seen as distasteful or unattractive. Ms. Buster used art to express her own journey and self-discovery of what it means to be natural. This work is a celebration of that journey. This full-color book is segmented by the medium used and is appropriate for any age. It is targeted to any art enthusiast and, particularly, African-American women and girls making the transition from permed hair to natural hair.

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