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Iris and Malachite at Lewis Ginter

June 13, 2021

Introducing the Iris and Malachite Band! Just kidding. Lewis Ginter has been so full of purple to white irises the past few weeks, I couldn't help but create something inspired by them. And to top it off, a Malachite butterfly dropped in for a rest. I learned so much making this outfit like sewing a button hole, shirring, and adding a kick pleat. Wiring was a bit tricky but I finally got the 3 top petals and the butterfly wings to stay up. And most importantly - though I didn't do it for this top - I learned how to do a full bust adjustment. It was a hot (and busy) day but so much fun. I hope you enjoy what I've created. Garden visitors certainly did. And one in particularly knew immediately that I was an iris. A few thought I was an orchid. Close enough, I say. As always, photos by Adrian Buster, my photographer extraordinaire.

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