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Giving 43 to 44: #6 A Supportive Person To Everyone

Have you ever met someone and from your first conversation, they are willing to go out of their way to help you without asking for anything in return? I've always been the kind of person looking for the ulterior motive behind most people's actions. Well I met someone who genuinely likes to help people and see them succeed in life. I have to admit, it took me a while to understand this. Most of the time he offered assistance, I turned him down politely. It would be things that came up in random conversations. For example, I mentioned I had some specific health issues and he came up with a list of foods and nutritional changes to help with my issues, then took it further and brought me some items from his garden. No matter what it was, he would say "how can I help?" I turned down the help mostly because I didn't want to feel like I owed anyone. Selfish, I know (that's why I'm doing this challenge). Funny thing is, he rarely asked me for anything and the few times he did, it was nothing big. But I remember one time in particular where I drew him and his daughter's picture in my second coloring book. He asked me to color it for him. I didn't understand the request. The coloring book was published and he had a copy. Why couldn't he color it himself? At any rate, I didn't have a good reason as to why I said no. Fast forward three years, I realized how much more supportive he's been of me and my art than I have of him and his family. I can only remember buying his wife's vegan cupcakes once, and giving them the free download that came with movies I'd purchased - because I wasn't using them. So to thank him, I decided to digitally color the drawing I had done of them, mat it and give it to him. It may be three years after the fact, but it was just in time. They had just delivered their third child. Congratulations Kyle and thank you.

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