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Giving 43 to 44: #4 The Most Altruistic

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Selfless, humble, altruistic, considerate, charitable, and generous are not enough to describe Juanita. In fact, she would be embarrassed to see this post about her. No one would ever know the extent of her giving. She helps others in more ways than one. They always say you can't beat God's giving. Well she comes pretty close in my opinion. And she does it all without the slightest complaint or gripe. As a deacon, she often sends cards to members for many different reasons, but mostly to send a word of encouragement. So I thought a pack of personalized blank cards would be perfect.

I am thankful for her being in my life for so many reasons, especially as a lifeline these past couple of years. But I thank her mostly for being a friend. We all have friends who serve different roles in our lives - hanging out, being a shoulder, helping in times of crisis, motivating or encouraging each other, and walking through life together. Well she is all of these for me wrapped in one. She has helped me through so many tough times, I lost count. I have literally talked her head off at other times. I could not imagine Walt Disney World without her - we've been four times. And because of her my son has been to at least half of the United States. No matter how many times I've changed my career path - there have been several - she has supported my decision and helped me along the way. Sometimes just going over her house is an awesome night out for me. And she has literally been a part of my life for my entire life. So thank you to the most altruistic aunt in the world. I can only wish to be like you someday.

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