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Giving 43 to 44: #3 Supportive Friend

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I am so very grateful to have supportive friends. My friend Osita is one of those. No matter what venture I've taken on - and there have been many - she has been in my corner cheering me on. From attending my first book signing, purchasing many of my coloring books to give away, being a guinea pig for photo studies, to meeting me for many lunch dates to discuss my next journey, she has always been there. Sounds very selfish on my end, but that's what makes her so selfless. But there is one specific moment that I am most grateful for. When we first met I remember upsetting her without even realizing it. She called me and told me about the issue. This is significant because I've had people in my life who I cared for suddenly stop talking to me without explanation. I am not perfect but by telling me what the issue was, I had a chance to not only explain myself, but also ask for forgiveness. That made me more aware of my actions so that I did not repeat them. We've never had a disagreement since and have been friends for more than 15 years. So I give thanks for this beautiful, selfless, giving and amazing woman in my life.

This little gem was ordered through Shutterfly. It is the Memory or Matching Game where you place the pieces face down. Each player takes a turn to reveal two pieces to see if they match. If they do, the player keeps the pair and takes another turn. If not, they turn them back over and the next player goes. Whoever has the most pairs wins the game. Not too many games show black faces. All of the pieces in this set showcases my artwork which features black art, something she loves. Below, two of the game pieces are from a painting I did of her and her daughter.

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