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Giving 43 to 44: The Origin Story

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Giving 43 Thank You Notes to 43 People

To celebrate the 43 years I have lived on earth as URB, I will give 43 people a small token throughout the next 12 months until my 44th birthday. I don't have a concrete plan of action or any particular gifts or people in mind. It could be something as simple as a store-bought item or as complex as a handmade-by-me item. It will depend on my mood, money, and time.

The reason is to take the usually self-centered focused birthdays of my past and turn them around to think of the many people who have shared even just a moment with me in my life. In other words, instead of receiving gifts, I give them. I am grateful for my loved-ones and I want to show others who may not be a permanent fixture in my life that their presence matters to me as well, however brief.

Why blog about it? I've heard people say if you are giving that you shouldn't boast about it. This project is still about me mostly. Let me explain. One, blogging holds me accountable in a way. I often start projects and then let them fall by the wayside and forget about it. This makes me more obligated to see it through to the end just like it did with my Afros365 project. Two, I want to shout it to the roof tops how grateful I am. I personally know many who didn't make it to July of 2020. I thank God that I get another moment of life and I am a witness to his grace and power. I can't be a witness if I don't tell others. Three, this project also is about me personally. I can be rather selfish and just like my art, I am a work-in-progress. This will help me to stop and, as they say, smell the roses but in this case stop and appreciate people. When you do things repetitively they can become a habit. I want this to become a habit that I continue for the rest of my life.

Every encounter influences my life's journey and I want to show my gratitude. Life is short and I only have a moment on earth to make the most of it. As always, stay beautiful.



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