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Giving 43 to 44: #1 Good Neighbors

Updated: Aug 27, 2020


My mom recently had surgery and at one point I noticed some peculiar swelling. My neighbors are physical therapists and I asked them via text if they wouldn't mind looking at a photo of the swelling to tell me if I needed to take her to the doctor. In other words, was it an emergency? They not only looked at the photo, but came over with gloves and masks on and gave her a look over to ease my concerns. I thought this was very generous of them to take the time out and use their expertise that they normally get paid for to check on my mom. So naturally I wanted to thank them. I had to pick up a prescription and saw the cutest doggy chew toy. Since they have two lovely dogs, I thought "perfect." Along with a card, I left a little surprise in their mailbox. I got a photo in return at the end of the day with one of their babies enjoying the toy. Made my day.

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